MXSP7 240Pcs Mini Phillips Screw 304 Stainless Steel Flat Head Notebook Laptop Repair

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Product Description

Model: MXSP7

Material: Stainless Steel

Color: Silver
Screw Drive Type: Phillips
Screw Head Type: Flat Head
- Includes 12 kinds of commonly used in notebook computer screws, each category 20pcs, assorted in a plastic box. Each category can be opened individually, easy to pick the size you need.
- Made of 304 stainless steel, ensure its high hardness and corrosion resistance, anti-rust and durable in many environments.
- Widely used for computers, laptops, notebooks, electrical appliances, furniture, toys, automobiles or anything else repair that requires small screws.

Package Included:
ItemSize(Diameter* Lenght)Quantity
Mini Phillips Screw2*320
Mini Phillips Screw2*420
Mini Phillips Screw2*520
Mini Phillips Screw2*620
Mini Phillips Screw2*820
Mini Phillips Screw2*1020
Mini Phillips Screw2.5*420
Mini Phillips Screw2.5*520
Mini Phillips Screw2.5*620
Mini Phillips Screw2.5*820
Mini Phillips Screw3*420
Mini Phillips Screw3*620

Total Quantity: 240

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